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Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind..
Camille Juban, Sarah Hauser and Team Captains in Maui, Hawaii
Welcome to our latest collection of Simmer Style sails – 37 years in the making since 1981.
The 2018 design range boasts fresh waves of energy from our newest riders like Guadeloupe’s Camille Juban and France’s Valentine Brault, ushering in new talent into our lineup. Team Captain Kai Katchadourian, now riding Simmer Style in his 30th season, has proudly watched this legendary brand grow from its humble roots into the Global force we are today. Years of dedication from longtime riders such as UK’s own Ben Proffitt ,who celebrates his first full decade on the Simmer Style International Team. Our bright personalities all bring their own color to the fold: Spain’s Josep Pons, New Caledonia/Hawaii’s Sarah Hauser, UK’s Freestyle guru Max Rowe, and Sweden’s Markus Rydberg to name a few.
The 2018 designs lean toward larger paneling, and even lighter weight allowing for a more efficient and easy to use rig. Single layer dacron in the luff panel, new and lighter tack fairing, and lighter webbing on the leach shave off unwanted weight without sacrificing durability. Our panels and seams are aligned along the load lines to distribute the power zone effectively and efficiently. This delivers maximum torque, angle of attack and pure firepower to your riding. Since durability is the cornerstone of the Simmer Style legacy, our top selling sail models Icon and the Blacktip are also available in full x-ply / pvc versions, providing a shield of invincibility against any and all of the elements that one can encounter Worldwide. We make a sail for everyone, everywhere, anytime.
Our quest to bring the ultimate in performance to you never ends, and we are always going to push the envelope in order to maximize your enjoyment.
Do it with Style !!
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