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JP MagicWave 2021

JP’s entirely new all-round wave board: Confidence, ease, speed, comfort and grip on the wave all combine into a board that feels carvy and loose on the wave face while extremely fast to sail around and quick to plane. Excelling in onshore jumping and wave riding. Outstanding in far bigger waves than you would expect.…


SuperSport 2020 JP Australia

JP SuperSport These new shapes shine with their comfort and smooth ride. Increased control allows you to push your boundaries and to sail faster. JP’s fastest free race board gybe smoother than ever before. More: Cinematography: Adam Sims Post Producer & Editors & Special Effects: Andreas Wolff, Dirk Urbaniak Music: Sebastian Zenke Source: JP-Australia…

Duotone Windsurfing

IDOL_LTD 2022 Product Clip

Light – lighter – a radically lightweight sail. The IDOL LTD is boasting incredible handling characteristics. The sail was created by designer Kai Hopf, implementing all the desires of the world class freestyler Adrien Bosson. The result is the most highly developed and extreme freestyle sails that we have ever manufactured in series. The IDOL…


JP 2019 MagicRide

These stunning boards do everything you want from your freeride board – and they do it exceptionally well and exceptionally easy! Feeling playful and small, they sit high on the water, delivering the lively and sporty feel which makes windsurfing so exciting. They are fast, yet super easy to sail and control. These wide, short…

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