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Duotone Kitesurfing

Duotone Grom Search

At Duotone we take #TRUEKITEBOARDING to heart. For us this means pushing the sport in every direction and discipline as hard as possible. For this reason we organized the first ever Duotone Grom Search on December 8th. We picked Caiupe, Brazil for the event because a lot of talent has come from this area over…

Duotone Victor Fernandez Windsurfing

Victor Fernandez Wave Riding in Cape Verde

Pushing the limits riding in extreme conditions – Victor Fernandez takes on the infamous Punta Preta as well as other locations around the island of Sal in search of wave riding perfection! Equipment: SUPER_HERO: SUPER_STAR SLS: Source: Duotone Windsurfing International

Jason Polakow JP-Australia Kauli Seadi


The JP-Australia Team on Maui for the annual JP photo shoot. Andy Bubble Chambers K540 interviews Jason Polakow KA1111 and Kauli Seadi BRA 253 about the new JP Twinser Quad boards which will make you reach a new wave riding level. Jason and Kauli show the board’s characteristics on the water. Source: JP-Australia __ International

Duotone Kitesurfing

HOOKED – Frontroll Transition

HOOKED – Frontroll Transition is a cool and convenient way to change your riding direction. With enough height and an added grab, it will turn out to be a stylish trick. initiate front rotation keep kite at 12 move kite to new direction Athlete: Jeremie Tronet DOWNLOAD the Duotone Academy App to improve your kiteboarding…

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