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Neil Pryde Windsurfing

NeilPryde Fusion 2013

Introducing the all-new Fusion freemove sail. Fusion is the ultimate all-arounder and is easy and fun to sail. Learn maneuvers, throw it around with simple freestyle moves, do basic jumps or lock it down and chase your friends. Fusion is forgiving, it feels light and holds up well – perfect for all kinds of windsurfing.…

Neil Pryde Segel Windsurfing

NeilPryde Hellcat 2013

Introducing the all-new Hellcat freerace sail. Hellcat is a fast, powerful freerace sail without cams. It delivers an exhilarating combination of speed and acceleration in a lightweight, easy to rig package. Minimum effort for maximum return. With its roots in the Racing Program, Hellcat gets going swiftly and moves rapidly. Now featuring Forceline panels with…

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