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JP-Australia Windsurfing

JP MagicMove 2024

MAGIC MOVE – NEW SENSATION This fast and versatile bump & jump freeride board redefines the standards of the ‚free move‘ class, targeting riders seeking a 90 to 110 L sporty board for easy and early planing. This dynamic design of-fers an exhilarating ride, excelling in speed and manoeuvrability. It is the new ‚Master of…


JP X-Winger 2024

JP X-Winger: our true all-round machines! If you absolutely want to tick off everything with one board, then the X-Winger is the right choice for you. Suitable for various disciplines, including freeride, freestyle, waveriding, and easy cruising. Its versatility allows riders to excel in different scenarios, from thrilling tricks to leisurely rides on the water.…


JP Freestyle 2011

The JP-Australia Freestyle Team on Maui for the annual JP photo shoot. The Freestyle team Andy Bubble Chambers K540, Yegor Popretinskiy RUS11, Olya Raskina RUS14, Ian Mouro Lemos BRA85 and Antxon Otaegui E169 explain the new JP Freestyle boards. They all show the board’s characteristics on the water. Source: JP-Australia __ International


JP Young Gun 2011

The JP-Australia Team on Maui for the annual JP photo shoot. Morgan Noireaux HI101 and Cody Young riding the boards of the Young Gun line – from wave, to freestyle, freeride. And Shawna Cropas helps a beginner. Source: JP-Australia __ International

Action JP-Australia

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes – JP NP 2023 Our annual photoshoot is always a special time for everyone involved. It’s the one time of year when our team-riders, marketing department, product development and media teams get together and spend time on and off the water together. Add to that the satisfaction of seeing an entire year…

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