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Action Cabrinha Kitesurfing

2018 Product Shoot

Cabrinha’s finest talent comes together in this movie that follows the team during their 2018 product shoot in Hawaii. There are so many different ways to enjoy the power of a kite so taking nothing too seriously we join the adventure to explore just a few. #LIVEFREERIDEFREE Film & Edit: Anders Krüger Additional Footage: James…

Airush Kitesurfing


What happens when your team has a day off in the same city? Join Victor Hays as he travels to Cape Town, packs in some Lithium’s and meets up with his friends for a day of fun-filled Freeride. Are you looking for a kite that provides an endless amount of fun on the water? The…

Duotone Kitesurfing


STRAPLESS – Tack carve into wind slowly fly kite up pull bar kick nose downwind Athlete: Airton Cozzolino DOWNLOAD the Duotone Academy App to improve your kiteboarding skills in no time! More than 175 tricks – easy to follow how to’s and detailed video tutorials Upload your own videos – chat with the communitiy to…

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