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Duotone foil Windsurfing

F_PACE 2022 Product Clip

THE MOST ADVANCED FOIL RIDING/STYLING SAIL OUT THERE PACKED WITH INNOVATIONS AND FEATURES! Foilsailing is more popular than ever and is developing rapidly. Meanwhile, in addition to classic foilriding, foilstyling as a playful variation with a clear leaning towards freestyle is causing a lot of excitement and unlimited possibilities. Both “playgrounds” have specific requirements that…

Action Windsurfing

A new playground for Windsurfing

Session (mi-janvier 2012) sur un spot qui n’existe que depuis 2 ans! Décor à la fois lunaire et industriel, un vent toujours présent et régulier, un ensoleillement quasi permanent… bref, un spot magique et mystique à la fois! Riders: Pascal Dunoyer / Franck Legoassé Source: Nautimages

Duotone Windsurfing

NOW 2022 Product Clip

THE FIRST SAIL FULLY DEDICATED FOR SMALLER FRAMED RIPPERS. A familiar concept – unique execution. Women, young rippers and smaller riders up to 160 cm in height often struggle with regular sails because of their stature, strength and limited lever forces. At the same time they are often more talented surfers than others, so they…

Action Jason Polakow Windsurfing

Windsurfing 20ft Waves in Chile

Check out more windsurfing here Windsurfing legend Jason Polakow and professional windsurfer Robby Swift travel down to Punta de Lobos on the Chilean coast for an epic windsurfing session. After a few minor setbacks, the boys are able to score some 20-25ft waves and reflect on their memorable trip. Check out Jason’s channel here:…

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