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JP ThrusterQuad 2018

This fast wave all-rounder can be tuned to suit all wave conditions. It offers a huge range of use, is great fun in small waves and also performs in big rollers. It provides the speed to launch off every ramp explosively and to fly seriously high. Riders: Robby Swift K-89, Jules Denel FRA-41, Leon Jamaer…

Contest GKA Kite World Tour Kitesurfing

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour Prea, Brazil

A quick wrap-up from yesterday’s registration and warm-up session! If you’re a fan of big winds and big airs tune in for the LIVE STREAM TODAY on GKA Facebook and YouTube pages! Don’t forget to follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: #GKACeara18 #GKACearaKitePro #GKAWorldTour #GlobalKitesports #GKAStrapless Source: GKA KITE WORLD TOUR

Duotone Windsurfing

NOW 2022 Product Clip

THE FIRST SAIL FULLY DEDICATED FOR SMALLER FRAMED RIPPERS. A familiar concept – unique execution. Women, young rippers and smaller riders up to 160 cm in height often struggle with regular sails because of their stature, strength and limited lever forces. At the same time they are often more talented surfers than others, so they…

Contest foil GKA Kite World Tour Kitesurfing

Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle World Cup Brazil 2022

On the final day of the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf and Hydrofoil-Freestyle World Cup combo event it was time to get the big air party started with the foilers! Read more: In 14 – 18 knots riders were able to fly 10 – 15 metres high without needing such super strong wind as needed…

Jason Polakow JP-Australia


Jason Polakow states, „I have always wanted to go to Chile as some of the largest swells on the planet hit there. Robby Swift gave me the opportunity to come down and visit his new home in Chile and try to windsurf a iconic big wave surfing spot called Punta De Lobos. The trip was…

Airush Kitesurfing

Airush Razor v9 – Product Overview

Designed with World Champion Alex Pastor to deliver mind-blowing pop and slack, the Razor is our dedicated freestyle and wakestyle performance kite. With incredible unhooked capabilities, the Razor maintains its ease of use to continuously deliver way beyond the expectations of a purist freestyle C-kite. View the 2020 collection: Razor v9: Locate a…

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