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Starboard SUP

‚Nouveau depart‘

Welcome Martin Vitry to the Starboard SUP Dream Team Nouveau départ — un rêve de gosse… A new start — a childhood dream… „After 6 years of partnership with the most ‚Hawaiian‘ brand, I became aware in this difficult period and strange season, that it was the time for me to take a step &…

Duotone Kitesurfing

Duotone Voke SLS 2022 Product Clip

VOKE SLS strapless freestyle If strapless freestyle is your passion, you will know how important the right board is; the Voke SLS, the ultimate weapon to take out the competition and stand on the top step. Strapless freestyle has exploded onto the scene of kiteboarding and now makes up a huge part of the market.…

Duotone foil Windsurfing

The Ultimate Setup for windsurf foil racing! FALCON_FOIL D/LAB –

The Falcon_Foil D/LAB and WARP_FOIL 20.24 represent the pinnacle of foil racing technology for 2024, boasting innovative features designed to elevate performance to unprecedented levels. The Falcon Foil D/LAB introduces a completely redesigned shape, integrating a new airflow concept that reduces drag and enhances top speed. Its optimized bottom shape ensures smoother touchdowns and improved…

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