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JP Team PWA Klitmoller 2014

KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WOLRD CUP in Klitmøller saw poor conditions with only one day for the wave riding event. The riders had to proof their skills in ~20 knots onshore winds. 2 years ago Robby Swift K-89 suffered from his broken toe and finished in 9th. Last year he finished 5th returning to competition…

Duotone Kite SUP Windsurfing


NKB the world biggest Kite brand and NorthSails market leader in Windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made. The outcome is what we call best of both worlds: incredible low weight and packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology combined with the appeal and safety of a Windsurf rig. It…


The Desert South

After a long time in recovery, Tom Court is finally back on the water! Watch and enjoy his newest movie “The Desert South”, picturing his amazing trip to the Western Sahara Desert.


Cold Turkey

Danish couple Emil Christiansen and Emely Freja Petersen are finally back on the water after suffering serious injuries. They have spent endless hours in the gym and on the yoga mat working hard to recover and this summer they decided to go to Turkey f…


Freestyle 30+ Death In Brazil

Are you afraid of crashes? You don’t try new tricks because you are still afraid of injuries? You should definitely watch this motivational and fun video filmed in Brazil.

Felipe Moure López shows us that scoring …

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