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One Hour Ride – Max Chudinovskih

Here is the new video of the “Blaga Gang is on the run” project, starring Maxim Chudinovskih. These 2 and a half minutes try to best describe incredible tricks performed in a one hour session at the best kitespot in Russia. See for yourself! Camera, Edit: Konstantin Bobovik Music: Кровосток – Снайпер (minus version)


Rail Masters 2016 official teaser

While we wait for the video report of the Rail Masters 2016, let’s check out a short teaser with some high moments of this unique kiteboarding rail contest held in Blaga, Russia. Video report is coming soon! Camera & edit: Konstantin Bobovik Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest 2016 Results: 1. Ilya Iskhnopulo 2. Alexandr Minov 3. Anton Uzhegov 4. Sergei Belmesov 5. Denis Usov 6. Gennadiy Kirillov 7. Sergei Shalucho 8. Ivan Kudryavtsev 9. Alexei Leonchik



This video pictures Sergei Borisov riding in Blaga, his favorite spot in Russia. It was filmed last October after the 2014 Russian Championships.

Watch Sergei having a blast at the Russian mecca of kitesurfing.

Camera: Borisov …


Blaga 2012

This movie called Blaga pictures rider Anton Cherkashin kitesurfing in Blagoveschenskaya Anapa. Anapa is a town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea.
Anapa, like the other Black …

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