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Contest Fehmarn Windsurf Cup

Rollei Long Distance Race II

Weltmeister Asmussen dominiert Rollei Long Distance Race auf Fehmarn Auch am zweiten Tag des Rollei Long Distance Race auf Fehmarn blies der Wind wieder mit fünf bis sieben Windstärken. So konnten noch zwei weitere Wettfahrten durchgeführt werden. Der Slalom Weltmeister Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88, Patrick, North) zeigte mit zwei weiteren Laufsiegen, dass er momentan der Maßstab…

Fehmarn Windsurfing

Mercedes-Benz Surf-Festival Fehmarn 2021 Highlights

Wer es diesmal nicht geschafft hat, bekommt hier einen Eindruck vom Mercedes-Benz Surf-Festival 2021 und einen Vorgeschmack aufs nächste Jahr. Wir freuen uns auf viele Besucher vom 26. – 29. Mai 2022 auf Fehmarn! SURF Website: Kanal abonnieren: Facebook: Newsletter: SURF Abo: SURF Heftshop: Delius Klasing Themenshop: SURF…


GKA Air Games 2018 – The Final Wrap!

The GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games came to an end in Germany. THAT’S A WRAP The GKA Kiteboarding World Tour ‘Air Games’ final event in Germany has now closed and with that we screw the lid safely on a successful first year for this new tour. Brazilians Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol emerged as World Champions, but both were pushed to the wire. In fact Carlos finished equal on points at the top with Jesse Richman (count-back wins separated them). Women’s event and overall season podium. Left to right: 2nd Hannah Whiteley, Champion Mikaili Sol, 3rd Pippa van Iersel, 4th Pauline Valesa Men’s Germany event podium, left to right: 4th Lewis Crathern, 2nd Jesse Richman, 1st Carlos Mario, 3rd Aaron Hadlow Men’s GKA Kiteboarding World Tour ‘Air Games’ World Champion Carlos Mario, 2nd Jesse Richman, 3rd Maxime Chabloz Up next for the GKA, it’s round six of the Kite-Surf World Tour for the wave & strapless freestyle riders in Prea, Brazil, starting on November 18th November. Report: Jim Gaunt 
Photos: Ydwer van der Heide Source:


Air Games Germany Finals 2018

Brazilians Mikaili Sol and Carlos Mario are the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Germany 2018 champions! DELIVERANCE AT DAWN The first order of today’s dawn raid was to take care of the remaining women’s single elimination semi-final between Champion-elect Mikaili Sol and Pauline Valesa; Sol needing just this heat win to be assured of the Championship (on better count-backs than her closest rival Hannah Whiteley), come what may in the final and then the double elimination. It’s a challenge in itself to ride at your best at 6.30am, let alone when your first World Championship counts on it. Managing the mind of a 13 year-old can be a challenge on many levels, but the Swiss ex-snowkiting world champion and youth coach of excellence Fabio Ingrosso said that this morning Mika was already up and came to wake him; a change from the distracted talent he was trying to keep focused in yesterday’s stop / start heats with up and down winds. Mikaili, primed for success Credits due, the strong forecast held true for today and delivered nature’s payback after bizzarrely robbing us of what really should have been the highest wind event of the year at round one in Leucate. Inexplicably, …

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