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Posted: 13th April 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Alex Campet is back with another cool video! FREE RIDE is a mix of surfing, kiteboarding and wakeskating. It’s pure fun guaranteed, so check it out!

A must watch for today! Brian Grubb and Matti Buys wakeskating all around Durban beachfront. Have fun!

Take a look at Brian Grubb’s new project: a drone ride at the Valley of Bohinj, in the heart of the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Enjoy!

Follow American wakeskater Brian Grubb on an exciting adventure through the Wadi Al-Hidan canyon, in Jordan. This will amaze you!

Wakeskate Dakhla

Posted: 11th März 2018 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Alex Campet wakeskating in Dakhla! Check out his stylish tricks.

Never Sometimes Revenue

Posted: 9th Februar 2017 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Alexander Lewis-Hughes playing with his kite and skateboard. Enjoy his newest wakeskate edit packed with some crazy tricks!

Filming – Karolina Winkowska
Cover Photo – Katie Potter

Let’s Dance

Posted: 28th Dezember 2016 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Enjoy Alex Campet’s newest clip, picturing fun kite/wakeskate sessions!

“Alive 2.0” is a video project starring Thomas Paris and Teiva Outters, shot in Bali and France. It features their freestyle sessions on water and snow, covering good times of kiteboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, surfing and snowboarding.

Take a break to watch “Alive 2.0”! Enjoy!

The Wakeskate Tour’s top ten from 2014 have teamed up for a trip to the Philippines for Spring Training. Watch as they wakeskate parks across the Philippines while embarking on some outdoor adventures!

The third and final episode was filmed at CWC Wake Park and at some local spots including rice paddies and a massive concrete spillway.

Magic Skateboarding

Posted: 5th Juni 2015 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Alex Campet and Alvaro Onieva in the teaser of Magic Skateboarding. It looks like a lot of fun!