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Boost, loop, foil and surf with Jalou Langeree, Jesse Richman and Nick Jacobsen.

Watch North team riding in perfect conditions in the heart of the Philippines.

“When Wakeboarder meets Kitegirl everything can happen” is the story of Katarzyna Blanka Lange and Kuba Zalejsky and their passion for board sports and for each other. Follow Kasia and Kuba on a journey to Brazil, the Philippines and Czech Republic. Watch and enjoy their movie!

Assault on the Phillies

Posted: 19th März 2019 by Paula Pintão in Action
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3 Minutes of pure action in the Philippines with Brandon Scheid! Be sure to watch “Assault on the Phillies”!

The Philippines has a lot to offer this time of the year. In his new video, Nicolas Gambier shows us exactly how perfect and fun it is to ride in this great kiteboarding playground. Watch him exploring some sick spots in Libagao island!

Mangrove Slalom

Posted: 14th Oktober 2017 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Tom Court had a fun experience kiteboarding through the mangroves in the Philippines. Check out his first session back on the water, after an injury last season.

Philippines Vibes

Posted: 12th September 2017 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Lazare Gournay met up with his cousin Louis Hutter in the Philippines. This is the short movie from his 3 weeks of training in the warm waters of the Philippines. Check it out!

Julia Castro in action in the Philippines! Check out her video with loads of tricks.

A few clips from the Philippines starring Ian Curry. Enjoy!

Camera: Jules Charraud, Jeremy Joumy Josseaux, Bruno Bargé, Sam Light, Chris Hopf.

Best moments of the first stop of the 2017 Kite Park League held in Palawan, captured by the lens of Vincent Bergeron. Be sure to watch this nice edit!

The 1st stop of the 2017 Kite Park League world tour was held last February on the beautiful island of Palawan. Check out the full edit from the event, with nice wakestyle and park riding action!