Since 2008, kiteboarders from all over the planet have assembled their best footage to submit for the Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest. Each year, the best wakestyle riders scour their hard drives for the “A+” clips, then hit the water and session their brains out to stack a few last-minute tricks into the edit. Standout riders from kite spots all over the world hold nothing back, showcasing their talent on a wide variety of kicker and slider features. The results are nothing short of mind-blowing, an incredible snapshot of the wakestyle kiteboarding scene.

In total, 19 Wildcard Video Contest entries were submitted (16 men and 3 women), with the top female entry and the top two male entries earning invitations to the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. The level of riding was amazing and each and every video makes you excited to hit the water and go ride your local kite park. The Wildcard Video Contest Instructions provided riders with guidelines to build their videos, including key points like “Videos will be judged solely on the quality of riding. Editing and effects will not be taken into consideration”, “Kiteboarding on sliders, kickers, park and/or natural/manmade features should be the focus of your video content”, and “Cable park footage is considered ‘lifestyle’ footage and will not be judged.” Using the guidelines, the Wind Voyager Triple-S Steering Committee muted the music tracks, blacked out any cable or lifestyle clips, and began the difficult task of selecting winners from the awesome pool of entries.

2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest Winners:

Men’s 1st Place: Chris Bobryk
Men’s 2nd Place: Tobias Hölter
Mens’ Runner-Up: Rick Jensen

Women’s 1st Place: Annelous Lammerts
Women’s Runner-Up: Julia Castro

Chris Bobryk, Tobias Hölter and Annelous Lammerts will move on to compete against the world’s best in the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational!