The guys from Wavecave had this brilliant idea. They put a tent and a boardbag together and so the Wavecave was born. This is a very interesting concept and as soon as we tried it we got completely hooked. What apparently is a normal board bag that carries up to 3 surfboards, has an inside pocket where the tent is kept.

In normal situation, and we mean this because with strong winds it’s quite different, a single person in a couple of minutes can easily set up the wavecave tent. All you have to do is open the boardbag, take the tent structure out of the pocket, clip it to the bag and zip it around the boardbag. It’s as simple as that. In a few seconds you have a shelter against the wind and sun. With the bonus that the boardbag provides a very cushy platform to the tent, so it’s really comfortable to be inside.

Technical specs of the Wavecave are: 300-600D PVC waterproof canvas, 12mm high density polyfoam padding, tarpaulin, 5mm dividers, waterproof tent material, 5mm fibreglass rods.

The good people from Wavecave sent us a sample that we took for a short kitesurf and surf trip. We were able to put 2 wetsuits, 3 kites, 2 bars, 2 surfboards (without fins), 2 twintips (also without fins) and 2 harnesses inside! The bag got a little heavy but it’s fantastic to be able to have all your gear in one place, especially while travelling.

Therefore once we arrived to the beach the hardest part was to carry the Wavecave full of all that gear to our selected spot. Once there, it was piece of cake. We took all our stuff out of the bag, opened it, took the tent from the inside pocket and zipped it to the boardbag. That time the task was not very simple because the wind was blowing around 18knots. In that conditions 2 persons were needed to setup the tent properly.

If you are thinking to buy a boardbag to carry your surfboards, it’s worth to consider the Wavecave. As a boardbag it carries and protects really well 3 to 4 surfboards. Besides, you get also a tent that can be useful providing shelter or even a place to sleep for a night or two. If you don’t want to carry extra weight you can always leave the tent structure at home though it doesn’t really weigh that much.

The Wavecave is available in 2 models, 6′ 8 Double WaveCave and 6′ 8 Triple WaveCave, and costs respectively £162 and £180. You can order from their webiste and totally worth its prize! Soon we we will be giving away the sample bag we got to one of our readers . Stay tuned!