Shortly before the 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup, Oda Brødholt (Starboard / Severene Sails), travelled to Dakhla, Morocco, for another dose of training in Freestyle paradise. Unfortunately, just before the event in Pozo, the Norwegian broke her foot which sadly ruled her out of last weeks action. 

Oda Johanne: „I might claim that I sailed the best spot in the world for freestyle windsurfing! I had a blast windsurfing in Dakhla! I was training for the next freestyle world cup, but it got cancelled and I broke my foot some weeks later! Can´t wait to come back here and sail this spot again. 

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Filmed by Julia and @maioariasphoto

Oda was still in high spirits despite her injury and you can watch her enjoying a slice of Freetyle perfection @