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GKA Kiteboarding World Tour 2018: Air Games

In 2018 the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour will stage a series of World Cup events that will put the wow factor and spectators’ enjoyment at the heart of the action. Wild and dynamic performances will take the best of all aspects of twin-tip freestyle kiteboarding and at the end of the season World Champions will be crowned: let the Air Games begin! The essence of the tour is to find the most complete twin-tip rider out there, however the basis of each judging category primarily calls for as much height as possible. After that, the show will come down to each rider’s interpretation and how they want to display their vision for where an all-round show of explosive riding can go in the given conditions. THE CATEGORY BREAKDOWN: Tricks will be judged over four categories and at the end of the heat (4 riders per heat) each rider’s best three tricks from three different categories will count. The categories: Regular jumps (spins, grabs – anything goes, as long as it’s high) Board-offs Kite loops Handle-passes By developing a format with four different and diverse categories the visual show will always be dynamic, explosive and exciting. By allowing riders to omit …

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