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Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP Wood Board Construction

Wood construction The Wood moulded construction is one of Starboards original innovations that was pioneered in 1994 to offer a construction that is strong, light and exclusive in the market. • The deck features an outer layer of biaxial Australian pine to provide extra impact resistance, rigidity and improved overall hull integrity. • The wood…

Airush Kitesurfing

Apex v7 & Apex Team v7

The Apex and Apex Team are designed as all-around versatile twintips for intermediate to advanced riders, using either boots or bindings, in both performance freeride and big air. The Apex and Apex Team is the latest in 15 years of development in performance freeride/freestyle twintips. For the Apex we make use of a double basalt…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Ace

2019 STARBOARD ACE – WHERE THERE’S CHOP, YOU NEED POP See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: Key Features for 2019: REFINED NOSE SHAPE – Fuller & boxier nose rails increase stability in side chop. – Limits drag from water wrapping around the nose and pulling the rails, – Provides extra buoyancy upwind and…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Touring

2019 STARBOARD TOURING SUP – PIONEER EVERYWHERE. FAST, SMOOTH AND STABLE Exceptional glide from a hull based on the world champion All Star design. The added rail volume provides a unique balance and floatation to carry gear and supplies. The board pops up nicely on downwind runs, providing great glide. Suited for all skill levels…

Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP Starshot Board Construction

Starshot Construction Starshot is one of Starboards most popular entry-level constructions as it combines Starboard quality at an attractive price. The deck provides a ¾ 2mm crocodile-skin textured deck pad for added comfort. Starshot boards are available in either a blue or red graphic design. Starshots use a compression-molded construction to offer extra hard, strong…

Starboard SUP

2022 Starboard Wedge

The 2022 Wedge by Starboard is a high-performance surf SUP designed for beginner to intermediate riders. What makes this paddle board so special is that you get pro performance in a stable size range – all Wedge board sizes are 32″ wide. Learn more: Find a shop: If you want to progress your…

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