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Air Games Germany 2018 – Day Three

On the third day of competition in Fehmarn, the Women’s Single Elimination got underway. True seminal moments in sport are rare. At 13 years-of-age Mikaili Sol is on the verge of etching her name in the history books as one of only a handful of child prodigies who manage to fulfil their potential, enjoying immediate success with championship victory when they first burst onto the scene. On the verge of victory, Mikaili Sol Aaron Hadlow won the first of his five titles when he was 15 in 2004. The most likely comparison is with Gisela Pulido. The Spaniard won her first kiteboarding world title at just ten years-of-age in 2004. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, who knew she’d manage to amass nine more? Aaron said today that whatever happens, Mikaili is set to dominate in the coming years. Who else won their first World Title at 13? A young windsurfer called Robby Naish. In doing so, he gave himself time to go on and do okay… winning 23 more! Sol, a home schooled Brazilian who lives in Prea, needs just one more heat win to claim her first major World Championship. Agonisingly, her semi-final heat against French rider Pauline Valesa …

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