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WKL Youth Cup 2017 – Event Summary

The final day arrived here at the WKL Youth Cup, ending a fantastic 5 day event with incredible wind conditions, and showcasing all of the up-and-coming talent that we hope to see in the Elite league very soon. The WKL works closely with the Clean Ocean Project as our charity partner, and each day we organized a beach clean with the competitors, to ensure that we leave the beach after the event even better than how we found it. Teaching the young riders to be environmentally conscious and to take care of the beach and ocean is an important foundation. The prize giving ceremony for the 79 registered athletes was held at the Ballena Alegre Camping at 4pm. The WKL would like to congratulate all the winners from each category, as well as all the participants, for making it such a special event. All participants were awarded a Diploma for participation in the WKL Youth Cup. A raffle was also held, where everyone won a prize from our various sponsors. Thank you to Cabrinha who generously donated two boards, bindings, hats and T-shirts, to Manera for donating wetsuits and t-shirts, and to North Kiteboarding, for also donating a selection of …


WKL Youth Cup 2017 – Day 4 – Best trick

The fourth day of competition in Costa Brava provided us yet again with 16-18 knots of thermal wind throughout the afternoon. The Best Trick competition was run for each category, for the Boys and the Girls. The morning commenced with another clinic for the young riders, this time with Pro-rider Youri Zoon, to discuss media presence, competition, and the responsibilities of being a professional athlete. By midday, the thermal winds started to kick in, and the Best Trick competition got underway. The girls were joined together for one single heat, and the boys were divided into 8-11, 12-14, 15-16 and 17-18. Ladies were first in the water, and it was 12 year old Mikaili Sol from US/Brazil who took the lead, landing another impressive Back Mobe. She was followed by French rider Osaia Reding who rode extremely well again landing a powered S-bend to Blind. Pippa Van Irsel from the Netherlands took third place, with a very high Backside 313. For the Boys 8-11 it was Jeremy Burlando from Italy who stole the show, throwing down a solid Blind Judge and grabbing the first position. Romain Allemand from France came in second and Keiki Mar in third place. The 12-14 …


WKL Youth Cup 2017 – Day Three – Action in the Finals

Day three at the WKL Youth Cup in Costa Brava was a glimpse into the future of kiteboarding. All categories displayed an extremely high level of riding. The wind remained consistent throughout the day, so all heats were completed, and the finals were run back to back until 6pm. The first final to be held was the Girls 8-14, which saw a 4 girls face each other for a podium position. Mikaili Sol had a difficult heat, and was unable to land her usual array of tricks. She crashed several of her attempts, but did manage a nice S-Bend to Blind scoring 8.3 at the last moment. Roux managed to land all of her tricks, but unfortunately they did not score high enough to place her in the top position. Anna Hashed similarly landed 4 of her 6 attempts, but none of the girls could beat Osaia Reding who landed a clean S-Bend to Blind and Blind Judge, and rode consistently through the heat, giving her the advantage and the first position for this category. For the Girls 15-18 Category final it was Spanish rider Claudia Leon who dominated with 4 completed handle-pass tricks. Pippa Van Irsel from the Netherlands …


WKL Youth Cup 2017 – Day Two

Day two at the Youth Cup in Costa Brava was yet again action-packed from start to finish. Heats were completed from various categories as the thermal wind blew steadily around 15 to 18 knots throughout the day. The skippers meeting for the talented young riders took place at 11am, followed by a clinic and presentation from Bill Eastburn from the World Class Kite Academy. It gave the riders a chance to explore the opportunity for this unique combination of high school education that takes it’s students around the World and allows them to train on the water regularly as well as staying on top of their studies. By midday, the thermal wind on the beach at the Ballena Alegre Camping kicked in and the event got underway. The first heat of the day was for the boys aged 15-16 category. Tom Bridge from the UK took the win landing a clean Backside 315 and Double S-Bend 3. Antoine Mermet was anxious to secure the second position to pass through to Round 2 and landed a powerful Heart Attack and Back Mobe to secure his spot. Christian Tio from the Philippines has been one of the riders gaining attention lately, and …


WKL Youth Cup 2017 – Day One

The WKL Youth Cup got off to a firing start at the Ballena Alegre Camping, where the thermal winds of approximately 15 knots blew steadily throughout the afternoon, allowing a completion of 4 heats. The Youth Cup commenced at 9.30 am where the registration of 80 riders took place, from over 15 different countries. Participation is for ages 8 through to 18, so an ideal event to witness the strong level of riding in next generation of Elite kiteboarders! The categories for the WKL Youth Cup are as follows: Boys – 8-11, 12-14, 15-16, 16-18 and for the Girls 8-14 and 15-18. The competition commenced at 2.30 pm, with boys age 8 to 11. It was 11 year old Jeremy Burlando who dominated the heat by landing a nice variety of tricks and taking the win in his heat. Romain Allemand followed behind him in second position. Girls 15 to 18 was next in sequence, where Raquel Osorio took the lead by landing some nice clean tricks and Pippa Van Ierlsel from the Netherlands followed close behind in second place. The thermal winds continued blowing and allowed us to complete the second heat for the girls 15 to 18 group. …

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