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WKC Cumbuco – Elite Championship – The Finals

The small final and main finals took place today at Duro Beach, Cumbuco, with ideal conditions and a beach packed with hundreds of spectators. The Men’s Small Final was first in sequence, followed by the Women’s final and concluding with the Men’s Final. Men’s Small Final The small final was a battle between 4 strong athletes to place themselves from 4th to 8th position for this final event of the year. Set Teixeira entered the small final riding with confidence and power. He landed a good Backside 317 and a KGB 5, finishing in 1st place for the small final and giving him the 5th position for this event. Anthar Racca remained extremely close behind and landed an incredible Slim 7 amongst his attempts. Local rider Kalu de Sousa has had a fantastic event, making it to the small final on only his second Elite Championship event and finished the small final in 2nd place. Gianmaria Coccoluto from Italy did not manage his best heat, but he did land an impressive KGB5 amongst his attempts, and finished in 4th. Women’s Final We witnessed an incredibly high level of riding from our four female finalists in Cumbuco today. Our World Champion, …


WKC Cumbuco – Elite Championship – Semi-Finals

It was a rainy start to day three in Cumbuco, Brazil, but by 11am the clouds opened up and the competition commenced. Both the Men’s and Women’s semi-finals were completed with amazing conditions, with 8 male and 8 female athletes battling for a position in tomorrow’s finals. Men’s Semi – Final One An incredible level of riding was displayed from the very start as these 4 powerful athletes performed highly technical tricks from the very start of the semi-finals. Gianmaria Coccoluto performed incredibly, opening with a massive Backside 317 and followed it up with a Heart Attack 7 scoring 9.23 that left the crowds in a frenzy. It was incredibly well executed, and really raised the bar during this difficult semi-final heat. Liam Whaley was going big, and landed a fantastic Slim 7 that gave him the lead on the 5th trick attempt. Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic started with three strong tricks but two consecutive crashes put some pressure on him towards the end of the heat. He needed to land some good tricks if he wanted to get into the finals. Meanwhile, Kalu de Sousa was landing trick after trick, but not managing to go as big …


WKC Cumbuco – Elite Championship – Day Two

Cumbuco, Brazil, once again delivered the goods for the second day of Elite Championship freestyle action. The Men’s Round 2 was completed, together with the Women’s Rounds 1 and 2. Heat 10 Heat 10 was first in sequence, continuing from yesterday, where the heat was postponed after the 4th trick attempt due to the dropping wind. Erick Anderson, the local Wildcard, continued to build upon yesterday’s strong performance, ending his heat with a nice Backside 317 and Hinterberger Mobe 7. He advanced to the next round, and joining him was Louka Pitot from France, after succeeding on keeping his lead from yesterday. Heat 11 Stefan Spiessberger rode a nice and clean selection of tricks for Heat 11, landing him a spot in Round 3. The second place was a battle between three french riders, Romain Giuliano, Julian Krikken and Edgar Ulrich. It was Giuliano who managed to break through and join Spiessberger in Round 3. Heat 12 Liam Whaley went all in for Heat 12, landing every single trick attempt, including a powered Slim7. He finished the heat with a fantastic overall score, locking down his spot in the next round. Young Colombian Valentin Rodriguez joined him after landing some …


WKC Cumbuco – Elite Championship – Day One

We were welcomed once again with perfect conditions in Cumbuco, Brazil for Day One of the Elite Championship. The Men’s Qualifier Championship was first in sequence as the final heat still needed to be completed, followed by Rounds 1 and 2 of the Men’s Elite Championship. Men’s Qualifier Championship Final There were four contenders for this impressive Men’s Final, that commenced at 9.30 am at the beautiful spot of Duro Beach. Louka Pitot from France had another fantastic start, showing the same clean precision he had performed with on previous days. He landed a great KGB 5, Backside 315 and a 317. Juan Rodriguez from Colombia has truly made a name for himself during this Qualifier Championship event, and opened with a powerful Double Hinterberger Mobe 5. Local rider Erick Anderson rode with style and power, clearly familiar and comfortable with the conditions at his home spot. He performed a spectacular Slim 7 scoring 8.3 points. Alex Neto from Brazil struggled for the start of his heat but gradually built up his scores as the heat progressed. It was a spectacular final that all came down to the last two trick attempts. The final Qualifier results are: 1 – Erick …


WKC Cumbuco – Qualifier Championship – Day Two

The day commenced with ideal conditions and a promising forecast at Duro Beach, Cumbuco, allowing for the completion of full Women’s Qualifier Championship, and up to the third trick attempt of the Men’s Qualifier final. Heat 6 The completion of Heat 6 was first in sequence. Here, Brazilian athlete Alex Neto stormed his way through, landing a powered Slim 7 scoring him 8.27 points. He continued to rack up the scores and passed directly through to Round 3. Stino Mul and Erisverton Ribeiro pass through to Round 2. Heat 7 Heat 7 saw local rider Manoel Soares battle agains Moroccan Jonas Ouahmid, both riders hoping to advance directly to Round 3. Manoel started strong, landing a powered Backside 317, and continued his good riding with a Front Blind Mobe and Backmobe 5. Ouahmid commenced with a Double Heart Attack followed by a Slim 5. The strong performance from Soares put him through to Round 3, and Ouhmid together with Mendes pass through to Round 2. Heat 8 Our Qualifier Championship winner from Dakhla, Gianmaria Coccoluto, started the event with a bang, landing a big Front Blind Mobe followed by a powered Backside 317. He continued racking up the scores and …


WKC Cumbuco – Qualifier Championship – Day One

The WKC once again returns to the spectacular Duro Beach, Cumbuco, Brazil for our final event of the year. The registration for the Qualifier Championship commenced at 9am, and saw a fantastic turn out of 27 men and 8 women from 14 different countries sign up. The Qualifier Championship is an opportunity for the riders to enter into the Elite for 2019, but also an opportunity to win the wildcard into the Elite Championship event here this week. The Qualifier Championship is a ideal opportunity to spot new up-and-coming talent from local and international riders. The competition commenced at 1.30 pm local time. The winners from the heats in Round 1 advance directly to Round 3. Those placing 2nd and 3rd pass to Round 2, and those finishing 4th are eliminated from the Qualifier Championship. Men’s Round 1 Heat 1 The level was high from the very start, and Louka Pitot from France set the tone from the get go. He stormed through his first heat of the competition landing a varied array of tricks including a clean Backside 315 and Crowmobe 5. He cleared his way directly through to Round 3. Juan Rodriguez from Colombia also performed well and …

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