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foil Foiling Starboard SUP

Zane’s Surf Foiling Safari to South Africa on the new

Check out the action & adventure as Starboard Dream Team rider Zane Schweitzer rips the new Foil Surf V2 on his recent safari foil surf trip to South Africa. See product page: Locate a dealer: Following in the footsteps of thousands of surfers before them, AK ambassadors Zane, Dale and friends set off…

Airush Kitesurfing


Oswald Smith reflects on his journey to riding the longest wave in the world in Peru. He calls it the chocolate log that keeps on giving! He says that even though he is greatful to travel far and wide and experience many cultures and conditions, he will always long for his home, South Africa. After…


Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes in Weskus

A must watch for today: Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes in Weskus, South Africa! Snapping ankles, fireworks and night kiting up the Weskus with Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes. Last year a week before the King of the Air, Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes packed the car and headed up the West Coast to find and ride new spots, and try pull off a night photoshoot with Ydwer with 36 Lume Cube’s. It was all going so well until Nick snapped his ankle 3 hours from the nearest hospital. Video: Sem Lingerak & Stan de Wit

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