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Unpolished with Stefan Spiessberger: Tarifa

Unpolished is a kiteboarding webseries starring Austrian rider Stefan Spiessberger. It’s about his time spent on the water, life, passion, adventures… The first episode was shot in Tarifa, Spain. Take a look! Polishing & cinematograpy: Lidewij Hartog Production: The Preacher Music: Jesse Morrow – Locked, Whitney – No Woman, Makeup and Vanity Set – Montages.


Dirty Habits. Episode 4 – Party.Wake.Beers.Mangina’s & Burns (bad ones…)

The boys are crazy on the fourth episode of Dirty Habits​ webseries! Fun wakeboard sessions, partys and much more. Watch and enjoy Episode 4! Riders: Nick Jacobsen​, Liam Whaley, Dylan James Mitchell​, Craig Eygenberger​, Jason Colborne​, Candice Bacon​, Sean Bacon, ​Carl Ferreira, ​Joshua Emanuel​, Jason Baker​, Darryl Partington​, Graham Howes​. Video: Jop Heemskerk​ Photo: Brendan Pieterse​

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