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Action Camille Juban Contest International Windsurfing Tour Japan Victor Fernandez Windsurfing

Juban and Erpenstein Reign Supreme in Chilean Perfection

Juban and Erpenstein tore apart one of the best-ever competition days on the windsurfing World Wave Tour. Head judge Boujmaa commented, “It was insane conditions and action. The energy I felt today was the one of the best contests of my life to witness. With the conditions, the action, the vibe and the community, it…

Duotone Kite Kitesurfing

Evo Concept Blue 2024

The Evo Concept Blue is one of our most popular kites. Performance partnered with versatility across a wide range of disciplines, coupled with a new more environmentally friendly undyed construction, sets it apart in the range. This versatile three-strut kite has been meticulously engineered to deliver impressive high-performance capabilities in any conditions, and however you…

Duotone Kite Kitesurfing

Neo Concept Blue 2024

The Neo has been synonymous with wave-riding excellence from its inception. Now, in 2024, the Neo Concept Blue embodies our unwavering commitment to versatile, high-performance wave riding. This year’s version introduces an enhanced wingtip shape and construction, improving the handling both on the wave and for strapless tricks. Moreover, the new kite incorporates the groundbreaking…

Action Neil Pryde Windsurfing

The Fly2

Looking for a pure wave sail? This is it – optimum maneuverability with smooth drive. Suitable for wave riding or jumping, this sail will give the best balance in both and gives great control during aerial maneuvers due to its extreme light weight and very low aspect ratio. While more neutral and balanced on the…

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