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Airush Kitesurfing


Oswald Smith reflects on his journey to riding the longest wave in the world in Peru. He calls it the chocolate log that keeps on giving! He says that even though he is greatful to travel far and wide and experience many cultures and conditions, he will always long for his home, South Africa. After…


Falling Rocks | Austria

“Falling Rocks” pictures good times spent in a disused quarry in Austria, that was transformed into a super fun wake park. Watch Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgii and Parks Bonifay riding in Carinthia!


The Castor Crew

Pumping wakeboard action at the Cable and on the Winch with the Castor wake Crew. Watch the boys ripping hard in south west of France!

Featuring: Matt Montoro (00:52), Clement Nadal (01:07), Donat Dona (02:33), Arthur Breton (01:04), Vincent Sudrat (0…

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