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Incredible level on Day 5 at VKWC Youth Cup 2015

Amazing performances from all riders on the last day of competition of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) Youth Cup 2015. All winners from the single elimination managed to secure their first positions. Mexican Anthar Racca (U17), Brazilian Mikaili Rocha, Frenchman Oscar Pirreneau (U13) and British Tom Bridge (U15) all claimed the title of their respective categories. The 5th day of competition offered by far the best conditions for riders to show their most impressive tricks to the crowd and judges. The day started with another clinic where VKWC staff presented to the young athletes the code of behavior they should follow as ambassadors of their sponsors as well as professional athletes. Competition resumed at 12:30 p.m. (GMT +2) with the double elimination. The 15 years-old Dominican Adeuri Corniel was the boy on form of the day in the U17 category. While he had a poor first heat against Chase Hasch (United States) on the first day of competition, he managed to climb up the whole ladder in the double. Showcasing impressive skills, he dispatched Lazare Gournay (France), took his revenge against his home spot mate Hasch and then eliminated Louka Pitot (Mauritius) to make his way to the final. …


Finals and high scores at VKWC Youth Cup 2015

Mexican Anthar Racca (U17), Brazilian Mikaili Rocha, Frenchman Oscar Pirreneau (U13) and British Tom Bridge (U15) have all won the single elimination of their respective categories of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) Youth Cup 2015. Competition started at 2:20 p.m. (GMT+2) with tougher conditions than the days before, but riders still managed to deliver great action in front of a large audience at the beautiful venue of Sant Pere Pescador. The day started with U13 boys. The winners final saw Frenchman Oscar Pirreneau up against Karim Mahmoud from Egypt. Despite severe gusts, they delivered an excellent heat completing the 12 attempts and suffering only a few crashes. Pirreneau cleverly built up his score while Mahmoud took more risks trying harder moves and crashing too much to match his opponent’s score. Oscar Pirreneau placed first of U13 category: “It went well even if the conditions were more complicated today. I didn’t do exactly what I wanted because of the gusty wind, but on the other hand the water was more flat. I landed one or two tricks I’m happy with and I am stocked to rank first so far. We’ll see who I’ll be up against in the double eliminations …


VKWC YOUTH CUP 2015 – Clinic and Action on Day 3

For the third day of competition up-and-coming talents were given their first clinic. Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) Youth Cup is also a learning experience where young kiteboarders are given advices and information to improve their competitive skills. This morning, judges explained how the scoring system works by detailing the trick categories and judging criteria such as power, technical difficulty, risk factor and innovation. Even if they score the Youth Cup by overall impression – apart from finals where tricks will be given points – it is relevant for future VKWC generation to understand and be comfortable with rules and strategy. While waiting for the contest to start, kids made the most of their time on the beach beneath a bright sunshine. Wind picked up late, around 3:20 p.m. (GMT+2), allowing riders to finally kick off their heats. U17 last semifinal saw Lazare Gournay (FR) facing Louka Pitot (Mauritius) in an extremely close heat. Both contenders came out strong, head to head, with great crowds of spectators applauding each of their tricks. Gournay did a great job but Pitot was slightly more technical and made the difference, advancing into final where he will meet the Mexican Anthar Racca – one …

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