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JP 2019 WaveSlate

These all-new wide body wave boards feature a wide range of wave use and additional agility in the moves. They sit higher on the water and plane early and sail fast. Check out the action from the JP team riders Robby Swift K-89, Leon Jamaer, G-208 and Federico Morisio ITA-676 Detailed information: Source: JP-Australia…

Action Cabrinha Kitesurfing


This film is about kiteboarding discovery. Lucas Arsenault, Canadian freestyle champion has lived on PEI (Prince Edward Island) his entire life. Perfecting his trade throughout the years at his local spots it wasn’t until he was joined by Cabrinha’s youngest team riders that he unlocked the full potential of an island rich with kiteboarding possibility.…



“FREEstyle” is a video defining individual style. Join Cabrinha team riders in Sicily and watch them enjoying the flat water heaven of ProKite Alby Rondina. Shot & edited by Andrea Ammann Additional footage: James Boulding

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