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NEXT EXIT /Episode 2

In the second episode of “Next Exit” Ben Leclair, William Klang, Ian Curry and Antoine Allaux had a blast in Malmo and Paris. Watch another fun episode of their road trip around Europe!

Episode 3 is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Guest r…


Red Bull Battle of The Sund is now back!

After the success in 2014, the big battle of Öresund is up for a new fight and new winners on 20th August 2016.

The strait of Öresund, once the scene for a big naval battle between our two host countries, is once again the spot of a tough but except…



Sweden’s west coast has had the best beginning of the season, with many days with wind and waves. Watch Arild Kristiansen and the rest of the Surfskolan Crew enjoying some fun, cold water sessions along the Swedish coast!

Photo cred: Christ…

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