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Outdoor Ride ! Webisode #2

Check out the webisode 2 of lolo’s “Outdoor Ride” series, picturing a a mix of mountain bike, kiteboarding and hiking in the beautiful Alps around Serre-Chevalier. Enjoy his summer season in the mountains!


Emerson Johnston – ‘Ceaseless’

“Ceaseless – Constant and unending” is Emerson Johnston’s brand new video, that documents his summer season in Western Australia. Watch him enjoying good times at home!

Filming: David Probert, Rick Pryce and Joshua Symons


Sivan Oz // Hi Life

On the past 5 years, strapless freestyle rider Sivan Oz moves his home for 3 months to an amazing place called The Diamond, that lies on the east bank of the Sea of Galilee, in Israel. Every summer he simply enjoys nature, wind and kiting.

Watch Sivan…

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