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Into the Wilderness

Travel to New Zealand with Colleen Carroll, Reno Romeu and Matchu Lopes! Watch them exploring the wild country of NZ. With rain or sunshine, from flat water and strong winds to pumping waves, the riders enjoyed this amazing adventure.


My First Boosting Session

German rider Benjamin Beholz left home searching for the biggest waves and strongest winds in the Netherlands. Ben had never been much into oldschool and big airs, but during this trip he enjoyed his first boosting session. Check it out!


Chasing the storm

Joshua Emanuel chasing down the biggest storm to hit South Africa in 30 years! Watch him shredding with super strong winds!
Filmed and edited by Carl Werner
Track by: Two Feet. have some drinks


Steven Akkersdijk: #Incontrol

Tarifa was on fire! Watch Steven Akkersdijk enjoying amazing winds in this kiteboarding mecca, on the southernmost coast of Spain. Song: Oh My (Club Mix) – Partysquad ft. Boaz Filming: Lars Stenveld / Cor Akkersdijk Edit: Steven Akkersdijk


World Kiteboarding League – Leucate – Day Two

Day Two in La Franqui commenced with strong winds, as predicted. After an early 7.30 am skipper’s meeting for the Qualifier League Event, the heats got underway immediately. The conditions remained tough, with the wind averaging 35 knots. Riders were on 5 to 6 metre kites during the morning and larger sizes during the afternoon. There were many crashes throughout the day as riders were struggling to successfully land their tricks. As the heats progressed the athletes started to take more risks, as they had to work harder to push their way into the top 9 which would guarantee them a spot in the Elite League. Former World Champion Aaron Hadlow from the UK put on a strong performance showing his experience in competing here in La Franqui. His consistent riding has now guaranteed a spot for him in the Elite League. Oswald Smith from South Africa proved that gusty and challenging conditions were not an issue for him and rode exceptionally well, with Leucate showing many similarities with the conditions he trains in at his South African home spots. Luis Alberto Cruz landed the highest scoring trick of the day, a 317 scoring him 7.73 and allowing him one …

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