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GKA – Mauritius Strapless Kitesurfing Pro 2016, Day Six

GKA – MAURITIUS STRAPLESS KITESURFING PRO 2016, DAY SIX – MEN’S STRAPLESS BIG AIR CONTEST! Saturday saw the promise of a carnivalesque performance from the strapless freestylers as they put on a show right in front of the spectators, really up close and personal at the offshore point of the public Kite Beach in Le Morne. As riders sped in towards the spectators they’d pull the trigger on their tricks just feet away from the beach, firing themselves away from the crowd, downwind into the lagoon. The beauty of this discipline, but more so thanks to this talented and fun-loving pack of riders who feed off each other’s enthusiasm, is that the crowds can’t help but be absorbed by the action. 17 riders were split into three heats of four and one heat of five, with riders going off like fireworks in an attempt to claim the biggest score in a ‘big air’ category that was judged 70% on height and 30% on high performance / difficulty. Ralph Boelen from France Tour riders Jan Marcos Riveras, Tundra Max and Carl Ferreira kept the beach party well tuned with info on the mic. On the water, this discipline is so technically …


Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing Pro 2016 – Day One

The much anticipated Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing Pro 2016 started at noon on Wednesday 29th June with the first rider’s briefing for 16 riders who were hoping to qualify for the main event that kicks off today. Just 12 riders would make it through the round of trials to join the 8 other pre-qualified riders from last year’s event, and the 4 local wildcards who will be announced later today. Secretary General of the GKA, Joergen Vogt, welcomed the riders to what was the first stop on the new GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle Tour, explaining the vision for the tour which is run by the Global Kitesports Association. The GKA was formed by several of kiteboarding’s biggest and most well known brands. The Association’s membership now includes most kitesurfing brands who have all come together in the hope of, not only being able to push this incredibly dynamic and evolving discipline in kiteboarding, but also to generally help bring higher levels of professionalism and elite competition stability than we’ve seen in recent seasons across all areas of kitesurfing. The GKA Wave & Strapless Tour will see a mix of freestyle and wave events over the next few months, eventually resulting …

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