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JP-Australia SUP

JP2023 Inflatable SUP

JP Inflatable SUPs 2023 The epitome of convenience and fun! Experience the exhilarating ride of our travel-friendly boards, effortlessly packed into a lightweight backpack for easy beach transport or compact car storage. Setting us apart from the competition, most of our inflatable SUP lines feature our amazing, state of the art welded seam technology, ensuring…

JP-Australia Products Wingfoiling

NP & JP Collection Video 2023

NP & JP Collection Video 2023 Experience the ultimate watersports adventure with NeilPryde and JP! In this video, we bring together all of our favorite disciplines, from flat water freeride blasting in South Africa to mind boggling freestyle power tricks to riding the world’s biggest waves at Jaws on Maui, to showcase the unique DNA…

foil Foiling JP-Australia Windsurfing

JP Super Lightwind 2023

JP Super Lightwind 2023 Unrivaled in its light-wind performance, the “SLW” has been a standout amongst JP’s free-ride lineup since its introduction in 2011. Experience that full speed, connected planing feeling on a fin while others are still reverting to foils to enjoy the lightest of winds. This board will have you up and planing…

foil JP-Australia

JP/NP FoilingFrenzy 2023

Are you hooked yet? Our windsurfing team certainly is. That foiling sensation is a hard one to beat. From your first take off to that silent, stable glide. The exhilaration of pulling a fully flying gybe. Not to mention the mind blowing possibilities of power freestyle tricks in next to no wind up to 30+…

foil Foiling Starboard SUP

Zane’s Surf Foiling Safari to South Africa on the new

Check out the action & adventure as Starboard Dream Team rider Zane Schweitzer rips the new Foil Surf V2 on his recent safari foil surf trip to South Africa. See product page: Locate a dealer: Following in the footsteps of thousands of surfers before them, AK ambassadors Zane, Dale and friends set off…

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