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Red Bull Ragnarok returns in 2019!

The famous Red Bull Ragnarok returns to Hardangervidda, Norway, on April 4-7th 2019! Check here the press release: Red Bull Ragnarok returns in 2019 bigger than ever. Returning for its ninth edition, the legendary snow kite marathon will April 4-7th 2019 gather 350 snow kiters from all over the world for an epic battle against the weather and each other on the plains of Hardangervidda, Norway. Over the years, Red Bull Ragnarok has grown into a position as the world’s largest and most popular snow kite competition. The 2018 edition was one of the hardest in the history of the race, both when it came to securing a spot in the race and the actual battle to finish the 105-km long kite competition. It only took 40 seconds from the registration opened until all 300 available spots were sold out. In the 2018 race, only three out of more than 300 kiters from 30 nations completed all five rounds of the in total 105-km long Ragnarok course. Equipped with kites, skis and snowboards, they had to master extremely varying wind conditions on the mountain. Complete 2018 results: Due to the growth of Ragnarok, we have this year made more …


Polar kite

This polar night edit shot in Tromsø, Norway, gives us a beautiful idea of what is like to kite in sunset for 3 hours. In northern Norway, the sun disappears for two months and gives the polar night.

Watch Thomas Holm Osbakk, Ole Magnus Flormelen and…

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