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foil Neil Pryde Windsurfing


GLIDE WIND is our friendly, easy cruising and carving foil. Also suitable for waveriding in small waves and freestyle. With an early take-off it flies at low speed, allowing first time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get into foiling. It is designed with round edges on the…


JP ThrusterQuad 2018

This fast wave all-rounder can be tuned to suit all wave conditions. It offers a huge range of use, is great fun in small waves and also performs in big rollers. It provides the speed to launch off every ramp explosively and to fly seriously high. Riders: Robby Swift K-89, Jules Denel FRA-41, Leon Jamaer…


JP 2017 WaveSlate

The JP-Australia Team on Maui for the annual JP photo shoot: Leon Jamaer G-208, Robby Swift K-89 and Jules Denel FRA-41 take the JP WAVE SLATEs to the water. The great fun they have, the big jumps and the tight turns in small waves explain the advantages of these short and wide wave boards. Source:…

Action Jason Polakow Windsurfing

Jason Polakow, Morgan Noireaux and Greta Marchegger on Ho’okipa, Maui

Best of Windsurfing 2018,HD,Windsurfing, tutorial Windsurfing 2018, top Windsurfing 2018. Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind. 1. JP 2018 RadicalThrusterQuad: RADICAL THRUSTER QUAD – According to our pro riders unmatched for real down-the-line wave riding! You’ll be blown away by your high speed carving top…

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