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2017 Spornado Hood Jam Day 5

Finals day madness rained down on the Slider Project Park as the winds varied between 15 and 32 mph today. The competitors took to the water at noon to set their strategies and test out the wind conditions of the day. The women constantly switched between 7m and 9m kites while the men were on 9m and 11m throughout the day depending on the length and style of feature. The riders went through the entire park again with 3 hits and 1 pass for each feature to compete to be the champion of Spornado Hood Jam 2017. A few riders braved through the gusts to pull out extremely clean technical tricks on the 2 kickers and 3 sliders. Hood River local, Brandon Scheid rode in the spotlight yet again as he laid down consistent hits on all the obstacles including a backmobe 5 on the slingshot kicker. Craig Cunningham stomped a gap backside 360 pass over the Cabrinha rail to set him apart from the competition. In the gusty wind, it was a risky trick which paid off and received loud support from the beach. Known for his grabs, Ewan Jaspan has a melon grab toeside backside 720 and a …


2017 Spornado Hood Jam

For it’s third debut, the ever anticipated Hood Jam takes to the Slider Project park in Hood River, Oregon July 22 – 28th. The Slider Project is very pleased to announce SPORNADO as the 2017 title sponsor and looks forward to an even better event than ever before. As the third official stop in the tight competition for the 2017 Kite Park League title, the action is expected to be nothing short of spectacular. 2017 Qualified Riders Athletes are qualified into the Spornado Hood Jam by their current Kite Park League ranking. Men ranked 1st through 16th and women ranked 1st through 8th after the conclusion of the first two stops of the tour are automatically qualified for the 2017 Spornado Hood Jam. 2017 Qualified Riders must RSVP by Saturday, July 10th to secure their spot in the 2017 competition. Wildcard Submissions There are 8 Men Wildcards and 4 Women Wildcards are up for grabs at the 2017 Spornado Hood Jam! If you aren’t on the Qualified Riders list and would like to enter for your chance to compete alongside the world’s best in park riding then submit your wildcard video entry by uploading a video to instagram showcasing your …


Hood River Slider Jam 2015: Announcement

The first ever Hood River Slider Jam will take place on August 1-7th, 2015 in Hood River, Oregon. The Slider Project has invited the 2015 Venyu Triple S Invited Riders for this completely grass root event.

No sponsors, no prize money, just pure glory….

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