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Starboard SUP

Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Technology

NEW DELUXE DOUBLE CHAMBER – NOW SAFER – STIFFER – LIGHTER THAN EVER The Deluxe Double Chamber technology brings the inflatable boards one step closer to a hardboard feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the second chamber. The second chamber also offers extra safety floatation for…

Starboard SUP

Starboard Touring Course Adjuster

This video features the new Starboard Course Adjuster for all Touring boards, designed to help you track in a straight line according to the course you choose to combat wind or chop. The Course Adjuster is a rod system that enables the rider to adjust the fin position to change the tracking, allowing the rider…

Starboard SUP

2019 Starboard Hyper Nut

2019 STARBOARD HYPER NUT – PROVEN INNOVATIVE SHAPES WITH INVERTED RAILS, THE NEW TREND WHICH BLEW OLD CONCEPTS AWAY The Hyper Nut offers the stability from a larger board and performance of a smaller board. A new found love in every quiver, it offers excitement to the most mediocre conditions. The new shorter outline, thinner…

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