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PWA Slalom Costa Brava 2013

Full length video of the 2nd Semi-Final heat of the second slalom elimination. No editing, no effect, just slalom. The top 4 sailors go into the winners final and the other 4 go into the losers final. © CONTINENTSEVEN RESULT 2nd SEMI FINAL ELIMINATION 2 1. Antoine Albeau 2. Björn Dunkerbeck 3. Ross Williams 4.…

Duotone Windsurfing

Duotone Development Insights

Duotone Chief Sail Designer Kai Hopf and his experienced crew of slalom testers are developing prototypes in a mobile sail loft on Tenerife. For the first time four colleagues from the factory in Sri Lanka manufactured and adapted the sails directly on site. Learn how the new 2020 DUOTONE sail range benefits from this new…


PWA Slalom World Cup Costa Brava 2013

We have filmed the losers final of the third slalom elimination here in Costa Brava. No edit, no effects, just real slalom. © CONTINENTSEVEN.COM RESULT LOSERS FINAL ELIMINATION 3 1. Finian Maynard 2. Björn Dunkerbeck 3. Antoine Questel 4. Ludo Jossin 5. Josh Angulo PMS (Premature Start) Taty Frans, Arnon Dagan, Peter Volwater Source: Continentseven

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