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Back to the Roots

Watch “Back to the Roots”, a short movie presenting the new 2018 Blade kite range. Starring: Sivan Oz, Yotam Levy, Shoval Bohadana, Ran Rave, Tom Klepfer, Nir Nehoray, Yaron Barlev. Video from water: Uri Richter – RLP Video from land: Edden Ram Editing: Edden Ram


Sivan Oz // Hi Life

On the past 5 years, strapless freestyle rider Sivan Oz moves his home for 3 months to an amazing place called The Diamond, that lies on the east bank of the Sea of Galilee, in Israel. Every summer he simply enjoys nature, wind and kiting.

Watch Sivan…



Epic kite adventure filmed in Turkey, starring Hannah Whiteley, Hendrick Burgers and Sivan Oz.

To be continued…!

Produced by Radical Kitesurf and Blade Kiteboarding
Directed by Mark Bristol
Music: Rolling Stones – ‘Paint It Blac…


Was It All A Dream?

Check out Hendrick Burgers and Sivan Oz riding the new Trigger by Blade kiteboarding, a user friendly kite for whatever conditions the day brings.

The 7th generation of the Trigger is coming!

Video & Edit: …

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