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A short edit of an amazing adventure in Brazil with Linda Viktoria Olofsson and Sigurd Toverud. Watch them exploring and kiting the lagoons of Barra Nova and Taiba!


Lights out!

What do you do when there’s no snow and the water is 3ºC in Norway? Go to Tarifa! Andreas Toverud and his brother, Sigurd, spent Christmas and New years in Tarifa kiting, surfing and having a blast. Watch their short footage from this winter!


Double Up!

Team Toverud on new adventures in Sardinia! Tow up with stacked kites and lot of sick feestyle riding. Featuring Sigurd Toverud, Andreas Toverud and guest rider Linda Olofsson!


Sardinia Summer Edit

Norwegian rider Sigurd Toverud spent his summer in the slicks of Sardinia, training with his girlfriend and brother. Steady thermal winds and mirror-flat slicks makes this a perfect location for kiteboarding.



Vinterfilm is a short film shot in Bergsjostolen, Norway, during Winter 2013. Watch here incredible snowkiting and snowcable riding from some of the best snowkiters in the world.

Featuring Andreas Toverud, Sigurd Toverud, Anton Lilljegren, Mikael …

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