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The elements at play for Red Bull King of the Air

What conditions do the world’s best big air kiteboarders need to perform. To get big air, you need big wind. Simple really. That almost didn’t happen last year, and the year before, and the year before that. The story of Red Bull King of the Air 2015 could so easily have scripted along the lines of one of those wildlife channel doccies on searching for the Yeti or Bigfoot or something similar – a massive build up and suspense throughout, but then never actually finding it. After waiting out the traditional two week window period – which saw enough wind to complete rounds 1 through 3, split over two separate days – the official weather window was extended by one day…that day saw the good old ‘Cape Doctor’ (southeasterly) honk to the needed strength. It’s not good to deal in ‘what if’s’ and with the current weather patterns and long range forecast it looks unlikely that this scenario will play out again…but: “When you start playing with elements there is always a chance, if not more than one, that you might not succeed. Guess that is the reason why we call it ‘Mother nature’!” explains event Sportive Director Sergio Cantagalli. …

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