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Solaire Blue Open 2017 – Day 4

Day 4 brought wind and motivated riders who were on a mission to either win, or get back in the game. First up were the men battling it out in the consolation/dingle round. This would give the top 3 lads the chance to join the official ‘Solaire Blue Palawan Open Final’ the following day, joining the likes of Brandon Schied, Ewan Jaspan and Sam Light. The conditions delivered and the weekend spectators both local and international were there in full force to watch the impressive and exciting show that ensued. Although the guys put on one hell of a show, it was the women’s final that brought heat and excitement to the beach. We’ll be catching up with the official judges for an breakdown later on, but Annelous Lammerts made kiteboarding history as the first women Ever in kite park riding to land a toe-side backside 5 in a KPL event. Sensi Graves showcased her confident style along with longterm friend Colleen Carroll who’s cable riding translated seamlessly into kiteboarding.

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