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Land of the Lost

“Land of the Lost” is a film by Oswald Smith and Jop Heemskerk shot in Morocco. Oswald and Jop traveled to Dakhla searching for some epic waves and unknown secret freestyle spots. Look what they found in this kiteboarding paradise!


Untouched Territories 2

The second video from the Auriol brothers’ series “Untouched Territories” is out! After discovering Vinalhaven, an island of the coast of Maine, in the North East of the United States, Antoine and Thomas explored Andalucia, in Spain.



Short video of Vincenzo Bigione’s trip in Cuba, driving the all Island from Weast to Est searching for some new secrets spots where no one step foot on before. Take a look at some of the higlights of this great adventure!


Summer begins

Summer is on! In this brand new video, Laurent Guyot, aka Lolo BSD, shows us some of his secret spots. Enjoy a mix of flat water and waves sessions.

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