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my new ride

Watch Sean Buell making the most out of light wind summers in Tampa Bay, Florida. His brand new video “My new ride” was also shot in Florida Keys, Hatteras and the Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

Footage: Sarah Manfra, Rob Buell, Patti Web…


Buell’s Summer Daze

Sean Buell on his travels to Hood River and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. According to Sean these are the top locations to train and progress your riding during the summer months in the …


Times Like These

Hood River Oregon is a giant playground everywhere you go, from the HR Slider Park, River Floats and Mountain biking there is plenty to do. Check out the “Times Like These” video and enjoy! …


Local Aerials: Sean Buell

Sean Buell shows us a nice aerial footage picturing a few light wind sessions at his home town of Palm Harbor, Florida. Watch Sean enjoying his exceptional local spot.

Filming: Rob Buell, Kurt Hoffman, and Heather …


Balance Act

Sean Buell made a balance of the things that matter to him, like school, work or claiming a new trick. He didn’t have much time to train this year, but he put together a nice …


Buell & Sullivan

Travel along the coast of south Florida with Sean Buell and Bret Sullivan. These two Best team riders had a few amazing sessions at some of their local spots. Watch them ripping.

Editing/Time Lapses/Hyperlapse: Sean …

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