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Down The Line

Watch Patrick Rebstock, Reed Brady and Jeff Trauba riding in Santa Cruz, California, with the new 2016 Slingshot Wave SST.

Filmed by Patrick Wieland


Kevin Pritchard – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Wir alle werden älter, Kevin Pritchard auch nur fällt dies auf dem Wasser bei ihm wirklich nicht auf. Kevin scheint höher zu Springen als jemals zuvor und spielt „down the line“ seine ganze Erfahrung aus. Checkt den „Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“ Clip der AWT Events in Pistol River und Santa Cruz. Das Beste aus beiden Welten…


Ride Engine Joins Forces with 7 Nation

Ride Engine Joins Forces with 7 Nation With the mantra of innovation through intimate rider-designer collaboration, Santa Cruz-based Ride Engine recently joined forces with 7 Nation and has begun expanding research and development of a variety of watersports accessories and softgoods, much of which will start hitting global markets this summer. Ride Engine was founded three years ago as a humble pet-project by Santa Cruz waterman Coleman Buckley, who wanted to solve a problem he saw with poorly-performing kiteboard harnesses. After experimenting with several designs and collaborating with friends and pro riders, Buckley refined a completely unique harness that incorporated custom-made carbon fiber shells molded to the exact shape of his customers’ backs. Demand for the revolutionary new harness – called the Armor – grew quickly, and before long Buckley was overwhelmed by filling orders in his makeshift garage factory. “After a few years I felt trapped by the harness business,” Buckley said. “I was spending so much time making them that I couldn’t do anything else that interested me. I wanted to branch-out; to collaborate with more athletes and explore other areas of the watersports industry to see where some of my ideas might lead.” Buckley was introduced to …

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