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Sarah’s Take

First of all, congratulations Sarah for the win at Santa Cruz! That must have felt great. You’ve been with the AWT for a few years now, and this is your first win. Tell us about the event, and your rise to the top. Have you been working hard? I c…


Lay Day, Closing Party, and a Look Ahead

Another Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival has come to a close. Results were difficult to come by this year, with a very unlucky stretch of weather. The surf was great, but the wind was light to non-existent. Even so, competitors had a great time, surfing…


Surf day at Waddell

After a good day of competition yesterday where 3 divisions were completed, competitors woke up to a much bleaker wind forecast. The surf was still good, and many took the opportunity to catch some waves. Camille Juban and Morgan Noireaux stole the sho…


Waves and Wind of Waddell Crown Champions

The 2015 Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival opened with a long 12 hour day at Waddell Creek Beach Park. Waves were big, but the wind was light making for a challenging start. Finally around 4:00 the event got under way with the first heat of Youth, consis…


Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival Opening

Competitors from across the USA, and the wider windsurfing world, have descended on the West Coast windsurfing mecca, that is Santa Cruz. The region not only boasts two world renowned wave sailing spots of Waddell Creak and Davenport, but also a large …


Get to know Philip Soltysiak

1) Name, age, home sailing spot, sponsors etc? Philip Soltysiak 27 years old I live in Toronto, and my home spots are on the Great Lakes. Sponsors: Starboard, Sailworks, Dakine, Streamlined, Camaro Wetsuits, Makani Fins, Nolimitz. 2) Unlike many you ha…

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