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Duotone Kitesurfing

Enter the world of Duotone

Welcome to a new era! Duotone Kiteboarding – Dedicated to the future, with honor to the past, setting the tone. Creating the latest trends in kiteboarding and providing the best products, we don’t wait for a breakthrough, we make it. You´ve probably noticed the new look, but also the same high quality products and ground…


Duotone Kiteboarding: The Rebel is back

Duotone presents the new weapon for freeriders and big air jumpers, the Rebel 2021. Check out the key features and details of the new model. Details: The Rebel is a kite that has defined a generation of riders; it’s the best freeride kite on the market and the perfect tool to help you improve your riding. More than that though the Rebel was made for flying, no other kite in the Duotone range offers as much hangtime and float when you are jumping. Load up the edge and sheet in on take-off for an experience like no other. This year, Flex Struts have been incorporated into the design; these allow the kite to twist when you input steering response through the bar. This has made the Rebel much faster through the turn and more dynamic than in previous years. The kite feels sportier, more like a race car, finely tuned and ready for action. The wind range on the Rebel is outstanding, the five-strut design keeps the shape stable in the air, so at the top end there is almost no limit, the jumps just get bigger, and the hangtime lasts longer. With several trim options on the bar, the …

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