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Neil Pryde Windsurfing

The 2019 MXT Carbon Extensions

Used by most sailors on the PWA TOUR, the Mono-Button Mast Base and Extension System (MXT) has been designed to offer a secure, heavy duty connection and ease of operation. The MXT Extensions are fully integrated with stainless steel cleat/pulley bottom assemblies offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light but also…

Duotone foil Kitesurfing

#TEAMTALK with Jerome Bonieux

Jerome Bonieux talks about the new Daytona DOS D/LAB foil. Hailing from the idyllic island of Mauritius, Jerome was the designer and inventor of the Click Bar and currently heads up the racing equipment program for the Duotone foil division. It is the second edition of the Daytona foil the Daytona DOS D/LAB in the…

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