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Starboard SUP

How to

Race paddle stroke technique 1. The race stroke requires you to really engage your core muscles and use your weight to maximize the power applied in every stroke. 2. To maximize the glide and speed, stand in the center of the board with a parallel stance to keep the board evenly trimmed. 3. Extend the…

Neil Pryde Windsurfing

XC RACE Interouthaul carbon boom

The XC Race Interouthaul, monocoque pre-preg carbon boom, is a milestone in windsurf boom history. The first racing boom to ship with the integrated Interouthaul system. Featuring an oval diameter shape which feels natural in your hands while sailing and reduces arm-pump dramatically. Sail for longer and with less effort than ever before. Learn more…

Contest GWA Wingfoil World Tour Wing Wingfoil Wingfoiling

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Tarifa 2021

We are heading to Spain for the final stop of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour at Tarifa Wing Pro! At this event we’ll crown the World Champions in the Surf-Freestyle discipline and also crown the Race discipline winners. When? 27 – 30 December Where? Balneario, Tarifa 🇪🇸 Learn more: #globalwingsports #wingfoil #wingsurf #wingsurfing #gwa…

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