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Starboard SUP

How To Set Up The Airline System — for Starboard

Learn how to quickly and effortlessly set up the patented Airline System featured on Starboard’s inflatable race board range, including the All Star, Sprint and Junior Racer models. In this video our Inflatable Product Manager, Raul Delgado, demonstrates step-by-step on how to unpack and correctly assemble the Airline components, before inflating the Airline race board…

Starboard SUP

Starboard Carbon Sandwich Construction Technology

CARBON SANDWICH – LIGHTEST WEIGHT, EXTRA DURABILITY, FLEX CONTROL This is the lightest and strongest race board construction we have ever offered. See technology page: Locate a dealer: KEY FEATURES: LIGHTWEIGHT BIAXIAL CARBON Super lightweight biaxial carbon is laminated over the entire hull for the lightest weight, best strength ratio and most efficient…

Starboard SUP

2020 Starboard Sprint

The new 2020 Starboard Sprint is the fastest race board (SUP) on the market and ultimate speedster for use in flat water and light chop conditions. See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: The Sprint is not just Starboard’s fastest race board; it’s possibly the fastest board in the world, winning more races in…

Starboard SUP

2018 Starboard All Star

With Innovation & Quality at the heart of everything we do, we’ve made our fastest all round race board yet… One board designed for ultimate versatility by world-class athletes and top shapers. “The All Star is all-around the best board, this is what I’m going to be using for Carolina Cup, Pacific Paddle Games and…

Starboard SUP

2020 Starboard All Star ~ New Round Vee with Double

„The new 2020 Starboard All Star is simply the best all-round race board on the market“ ~ World Champion, Michael Booth See Product Page: Locate a Dealer: From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design. The completely revamped bottom shape accelerates…


SuperSport 2020 JP Australia

JP SuperSport These new shapes shine with their comfort and smooth ride. Increased control allows you to push your boundaries and to sail faster. JP’s fastest free race board gybe smoother than ever before. More: Cinematography: Adam Sims Post Producer & Editors & Special Effects: Andreas Wolff, Dirk Urbaniak Music: Sebastian Zenke Source: JP-Australia…

Starboard SUP

Starboard SUP Race Valve

Be sure to install your Starboard Race board valve before entering the water. You will also need the valve for traveling on airplanes. See more on the how to use your race board here: and here: Source: Starboard SUP

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